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Privacy Policy

Deccan achar is highly concern with your privacy and provide you the highest level of security while you are shopping with us. We assure you and guarantee you that whatever information you provide while shopping is highly secured and safe with us. We have taken every possible step to protect the data provided by you. Any information which you provide to us will never be shared with the third party for any promotion except in the case of an online transaction, which has to be provided to the merchant. If for any reason you feel insecure or if you think your privacy is being misused, you are free to contact us in our working hours. We value your feedback and we are constantly looking forward to improving our service to serve you better.

Deccan Achar may use your personal data for the following purposes:

>        Keep you updated with the special offers and new products.

>       Process your online transaction while confirming your order.

>       Administer your account for better services.

>       Respond to customer care service for better service.

>       Promotion and notification of important activity and new products.

>       Prevent and take care of any illegal activities or violation of terms and conditions.

>       Customize your experience to serve you better.

>       Send you request product and service information.

Deccan Achar does not use any information provided by you to promote any advertisements unless you want to know more about our service and about our products. However, we may use your personal information like your name, email, password, contact number, ZIP code, address, location, for delivering your product to your doorsteps when you shop with us.

As a visitor to our site, you can browse through our website without providing any personal information. Based on your activity, we may seek some information as mandatory in order to serve you better. When you register to Deccan Achar, Deccan Achar have right to access and collect your information like name, contact number, email, password, details about your interaction and order you have placed or like to place in future.

When you order with us, we will share your personal information like your name, contact number, location, ZIP code with the service provider so that they can communicate and deliver your ordered product to your exact location. You agree with these norms under our terms and conditions to share your information. We may also use your information to share with third parties in order to improve our website and our services. We ensure that your personal information will never be shared with third parties service providers.

We can accept advertisement from third parties advertisers and provide links to third parties for our promotions. Any third parties can use your information while you accept their cookies. We are strictly not responsible for those activities.

You have a right and access to modify, change and delete your account any time you like. This can be done by clicking on the link “MY PROFILE” where you can view and change your information at any time. You can also make these changes by contacting us at our toll-free number or dropping a mail at We will contact you as soon as possible.

We will retain your information as long as your account is active.  Your information is must to provide better service. We may retain and use your information as necessary for legal obligations, enforce our agreements and resolve any kind of disputes. If you wish to delete your account then you can simply delete from our website or mail us at info.newdeccan@gmail.comWe will respond you as soon as possible.

You have the right to turn off notification and email updates or any newsletter by clicking on our website. The choice of turning off notification and newsletters are also available during the time of sign up. We will reach you if there are any changes in our terms and condition. We can send you service-related announcements including registration email, a notification related to your order and special offers.

No transmission on the internet can guarantee you 100 percent safety. We cannot ensure you or guarantee you for the safety of the information you provide to while browsing our website. You do that at your own risk. Once we receive your order details, we try our best to secure your information. We make every possible measure to protect your data. However, please note that this is not 100 percent guarantee that this information cannot be misleading or misguided by breach of any firewall or secure server software we employ. Deccan Achar will inform you via mail or via text in case of such accidents, if occur on our website.

Our Privacy policy is regularly reviewed and updated time to time to serve for your interest. We reserve the right to update the privacy to make these changes. In case of any changes in our privacy policy, we will change our privacy policy so that the user must be aware of those changes. We also disclose every change in our policy so that the user may be aware of what information do we collect and how we use them.

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